Thursday, April 10, 2008

PPC Advice Need

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I am an organic seo. I am not certified by Google adword profession. But now I would like to start PPC campaign for my client please suggest how I can start PPC campaign.

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I haven't tried that too... but have you tried to read some free e-books or some post here...? it could help...
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You need to be more initiative and resourceful by yourself next time.Do not ask help for self-explanatory questions. Questions that you can answer by a simple Google search. Please refer to the link in red:

Google adwords learning center

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GoAnswers - 2od Analysis is one of the important factors needed on PPC.

PPC For India

Hi Buddies,
I started doing PPC for my client who wants to start a new company in India. Being an American I dont have much knowledge about India...Needs your help Guys Suggest me about this market..??? ..Should it Beneficial for me or not.....

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I think PPC is not so famous in India, so nobody's have the knowledge about Indian Market.
Anyway I got the answer ....thnx

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Tell me more about it - maybe I can help you with something.

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I want to know about the PPC growth in Indian Market, Hows doing and is there any score for starting ppc in Music.

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PPC growth in India is quite significant.

For music, you can have major exposure on various Indian music sites and online music stores though you might need to re-calculate your bid amount so as to maximize the ROI.

Keep in mind the USD:INR difference when you plan your PPC campaign in India.

Let me know if you have any more queries.

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hi guys am from india .. looking for ppc tip ..currently am buying traffic from some major advts and buying impressions for that traaffic .. am working on geo based..
i looking for some clarification on google adsense ..
am maitaining the ctr% in very good manner .. even though for past one month google is paying me very low cpc .. i know we can not judge the avg cpc of adsense how much google paying for publishers ..

for the same campaign google use to pay me high avg cpc..
now i never changed any thing on my side even thoug am facing the issue ..
for example .. 30 days back i use to earn 120$ for 320 click .. now for the same 300 click google is paying me 25 to 30 us $
can u please explain me what may be the issue .. an what i need to change on my side ..look guys the stats what i given above is for one day..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pay Per View


I know this isn't the right forum for I can't find one
If PPC works on some people, does PPV helps as well?

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i hate ppv, the fact that a popup can count as a view and someone can close it before its even up and I STILL get charged. Not good. Horrible way to advertise, CPM, CPA, CPC is where its at, and im not a big fan of CPM either

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That really depends on the delivery, the venue, the offering and how it matches up with the demographics its delivered to. I agree with Cshrmgo about popups, that,s bad delivery.

I've seen it work in some markets and venues though. A good example is a banner ads for a free iPod or Mobile phone placed on MySpace or site that attracts primarily younger audiences.

Of course in that situation you'd better not be trying to sell anything, but maybe getting a survey filled out or build an opt-in mail list.

Again its all down to delivery, venue, offering and demographics.

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very well put and this part,

" I've seen it work in some markets and venues though. A good example is a banner ads for a free iPod or Mobile phone placed on MySpace or site that attracts primarily younger audiences.

Of course in that situation you'd better not be trying to sell anything, but maybe getting a survey filled out or build an opt-in mail list.

Very valid point regarding the market, venue and product / service being offered. and COMPLETELY ON THE MONEY for the free ipod deal and cell phones, needless to say im an incentive marketer and my cover has been blown, but I again like you said it all boils down to your specific niche, things work differently for different business models. those half *** banners that you choose the celebrities legs and match them to a body or something( THESE WORK BEYOND BELIEF FOR ME) but if you were selling auto insurance it would probably not. Needless to say you will never know unless you try it BUT you can have a general idea of how something will perform by doing your due dilligence and market research. Its the people that dont put the time into RESEARCH that end up going broke on the internet and then sitting twiddling their thumbs afterward thinking What did I do wrong? But ya good post and everything you said hit home with me. thanks

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can we get rid of these posts. This is the second one in 3 days. I'd hate to see a new post about "the best PTC program" every time I come down here.
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I believe they are doing their best, but all of them have their own life etc. You can't watch over a forum 24/7.
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Right! Sorry. Mods you're doing a great job. Just wanted to point this out so they could catch it before it got out of hand. The post was more to discourage this than anything. Even if it stays it's not hurting anything, I'd just like to try to dissuade others from posting more of them.

Data Analysis and Interpretation of PPC

I'm trying to find out some information on the analysis and interpretation of PPC data through the use of Microsoft Excel.

Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated, things i'm looking for are:
- Ways Excel displays PPC advertising data
- How to analyze this data once display
- Interpretation and meaning of the data through Excel

also anything to do with formulas and there use with Microsoft and excel.

Regards and thanks in advance, this to me seems and interesting topic with little if any information out there about it

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Have you downloaded the Ad Intelligence plugin? It's a really nifty tool for excel 2007 and I would recommend looking it up if you haven't already.
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I have a pretty basic spreadsheet that I use for our reports. I pull in spend, conversions and cost per and then calculate out our revenue and profit (adjusting for cost and ad spend). I'd be happy to create one with dummy data and send it to you if that helps at all (getting to ROI from there would be very simple too). PM me if you'd like it.

PPC Bidding software


Can anyone recommend any bidding software that they might be using?

Or perhaps software that uses just one interface to manually adjust your bids on msn,google,yahoo. Google's not so bad as you can use the adwords editor. I find msn and yahoo a pain.

I've looked into go-toast, heard its good, but I find it to be very expensive solution.

Any ideas? recommendations ?

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We currently use a piece of software called Bidcenter at the moment. It is a very good tool for managing cross-search engine PPC but it is very expensive. I believe we pay around £900 a month for the privelage. As part of a cost reduction program we are going the other way and doing away with Bidcenter and managing each search engine PPC account individually- not looking forward to it!

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Which will bring me to a thread I am about start called Recording ROI In MSN, Google, Yahoo!

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