Thursday, April 10, 2008

PPC For India

Hi Buddies,
I started doing PPC for my client who wants to start a new company in India. Being an American I dont have much knowledge about India...Needs your help Guys Suggest me about this market..??? ..Should it Beneficial for me or not.....

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I think PPC is not so famous in India, so nobody's have the knowledge about Indian Market.
Anyway I got the answer ....thnx

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Tell me more about it - maybe I can help you with something.

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I want to know about the PPC growth in Indian Market, Hows doing and is there any score for starting ppc in Music.

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PPC growth in India is quite significant.

For music, you can have major exposure on various Indian music sites and online music stores though you might need to re-calculate your bid amount so as to maximize the ROI.

Keep in mind the USD:INR difference when you plan your PPC campaign in India.

Let me know if you have any more queries.

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hi guys am from india .. looking for ppc tip ..currently am buying traffic from some major advts and buying impressions for that traaffic .. am working on geo based..
i looking for some clarification on google adsense ..
am maitaining the ctr% in very good manner .. even though for past one month google is paying me very low cpc .. i know we can not judge the avg cpc of adsense how much google paying for publishers ..

for the same campaign google use to pay me high avg cpc..
now i never changed any thing on my side even thoug am facing the issue ..
for example .. 30 days back i use to earn 120$ for 320 click .. now for the same 300 click google is paying me 25 to 30 us $
can u please explain me what may be the issue .. an what i need to change on my side ..look guys the stats what i given above is for one day..